What is the truck door hinges?

2020 - 06 - 23

The truck door hinges on the side of the truck can open and close the doors of the truck and secure them to the vehicle. They are located where the door is connected to the frame. Each door has two hinges, and there is a pin inside the hinge that allows the hinge to rotate.

There is a part in the truck door hinge called the door lock or door holding mechanism. The spring pushes the spine onto the roller at the bottom of the door hinge pin. Unless pushed or pulled further, the ridge in the plate will cause the door to stick in that position. This prevents the door from rotating violently or closing in the wind. It usually keeps the door in the half-open and full-open positions.

Another related part is the door latch. The striker is a bolt or hook in the door frame at the other end of the truck door hinge. On the side of the door opposite the hinge is a latch, and when you close the door, the latch will get stuck on the striker. It grips the bolt tightly and keeps the door closed while the vehicle is running. If anyone of the hinge or the striker is worn or damaged, it can prevent the latch and the striker from being properly aligned and prevent the door from closing tightly.

Many minivans have sliding doors instead of doors that are opened and closed by pins. These have rollers that allow them to slide open and close.

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