What is door hinge?

2020 - 05 - 16

The function of the door hinges:

  • 1. Connect the door and the body.
  • 2. Ensure that the doors can open and close.

The structure of the hinges:

  • 1. Body parts connected to the truck/trailer;
  • 2. The door parts connected to the door;
  • 3. Connect the body parts and door parts and ensure that the door hinges can make other parts of the opening and closing movement.

Door hinges type

According to the manufacturing process, there are two main types of hinges: die-casting hinges. The hinges type used by Volkswagen, Audi, MG and other models is the die-casting hinges. Stamping hinges, Japanese, Korean, most domestic cars, and GM models used stamping hinges in recent years. Due to the inherent advantages, die-casting hinges perform better than stamping hinges in strength, but the advantage of stamping hingess is that different reinforcing structures can be achieved through moulds, which can also meet the requirements of tests and related standards.

Door hinges safety standards

The hinges strength requirements, the strength of the parts need to pass GB 15086-2013 (performance requirements and test methods for door locks and door retainers), that is, the longitudinal load of 11000N does not fail, and the lateral load of 9000N does not fail. Each OEM will have a safety factor on this basis, generally 1.2 times or 1.3 times.

The cost of the door hinges

When the manufacturer involves the hinges part in the development of new models, the first consideration is to use the hinges of the existing model. The purpose of this is to reduce the risk of new product development on the one hand, but also reduce the company's procurement costs and improve the generalization rate of parts. With the consideration of lightweight and cost, more and more car manufacturers will definitely use stamping hinges instead of section steel.

In summary. The strength and safety performance of the door hinges is not only related to the material and thickness, but also closely related to the manufacturing process, layout and bearing area. Judging from the thickness alone, it is very unprofessional to determine whether a door hinges is strong.

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