how should we extend the life of the toolbox lock

2020 - 12 - 03

toolbox lock

One component in the metal switchgear or electric cabinet is the toolbox lock. It is mostly solid forged. Pure 304 stainless steel makes the toolbox lock last longer. The solid shape and precision casting process are the metal switchgear and equipment box. As an escort, this type of product has excellent load-bearing capacity and is strong and firm, which not only protects the natural color of stainless steel but also highlights the super-strength structure, then how should we extend the life of the toolbox lock?

1. Prevent acid and alkali corrosion. Most toolbox locks ensure the pure color of stainless steel, and the appearance is extremely high-end atmosphere, but after contact with corrosive substances, the color of the stainless steel surface will fall off. The most common blackening is caused by contact with acid and alkali substances. Such as long-term contact with sweat stains or contact with corrosive liquids will cause this phenomenon to occur.

2. Avoid external impact. Generally speaking, external force damage will not damage the surface material of a good quality toolbox lock, but will cause structural damage. For example, the transmission of the toolbox lock may be affected, making it less efficient or difficult to unlock when unlocking.

3. Use the correct way to unlock. If you open the lock by force, it will bend the key of the lock box, and seriously damage the core of the tool box lock. Therefore, it is extremely important for high-end tool box locks to unlock the lock in the correct way.

Generally speaking, try not to disassemble the toolbox lock after installation. After disassembly, its safety protection may be reduced. At the same time, you can also refer to the toolbox lock instructions for maintenance. All in all, the toolbox lock should pay attention to the principle of three preventions, namely, anti-external force, anti-corrosion and anti-violence.

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