How to choose a good quality toolbox lock?

2020 - 11 - 09

Good-quality toolbox locks have various models, and the material is mostly stainless steel. Most surfaces have been wire-drawn and have a long service life, providing a safety solution for professional toolboxes.

The brushed texture on the surface is very uniform, and it is also equipped with a variety of detailed designs. So what points should be paid attention to when choosing a good quality toolbox lock?

1. Look at the stamping process. When buying a toolbox lock, you need to look at its strength first. The strength will directly determine the life, the higher the strength of the toolbox lock product, the stronger the pressure resistance, the longer the life. It is recommended that you choose the one-time stamping and forming stainless steel plate toolbox lock with the ultra-thick panel design. Products with one-time stamping and forming are often more secure.

2. See if there are anti-rust measures. Regardless of whether it is an ordinary door lock or a toolbox lock, special attention should be paid to rust prevention, to see whether the bolt is galvanized and rust-proof. The galvanizing process is an important means to prevent or reduce the probability of rust.

3. Look at the stability of the drive screw. The drive screw of the toolbox lock is its core component, which can be said to be the main support of the toolbox lock. It is recommended to choose a thicker drive screw. Only a stronger and more stable drive screw can ensure the long-term stability of the toolbox lock Provide service. Once the drive screw is damaged or deformed, the toolbox lock will not only greatly reduce the unlocking speed, but may also lead to scrap.

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