How to repair the door hinge?

2020 - 11 - 26

In daily use of the truck, the truck door hinges often breaks. There are many reasons for this failure, among which the more common ones are: improper opening of the truck door and severe wear of the hinge shaft or hole of the truck door.

1. Improperly opened truck door

Trouble phenomenon: The truck door switch is uncomfortable. When the truck door is closed, the truck door lock is not closed in place, and there is a rebound phenomenon: sometimes the truck door suddenly pops on its own while driving open.

Causes of failure: 1) Excessive force when opening the truck door, causing damage to the truck door limit device. Excessive opening of the truck door leads to damage to the hinge; 2) Deformation of the hinge of the truck door hinge due to unexpected reasons.

Remedy: find a piece of 100 mm long, 40mm wide, 15-20mm thick wooden block opens the truck door to a certain angle. Insert the wooden block into the deformed hinge and close the truck door with the proper force to correct the deformed hinge. After correction, remove the wooden block for inspection. Repeat several times to eliminate the fault. Note: Do not apply excessive force at one time to avoid excessive correction.

2. The hinge shaft or hole is severely worn

Failure phenomenon: The hinged side of the truck door sags, the truck door and the door frame rub against each other: the truck door lock is misaligned up and down: the truck door switch is laborious or not closed tightly: the gap on the hinge side of the truck door is wide and narrow

Cause of failure: The truck has been used for a long time or the lubrication is insufficient, which causes serious wear on the hinge shaft or hole of the truck door hinge, and the gap between the hinge shaft and the hole is too large, causing the truck door to move relative to the door frame.

Remedy: When the hinge of the truck door hinge shaft or hole causes the truck door to sag, the hinge of the truck door should be adjusted first. The adjustment method is basically the same as the failure caused by improper opening of the truck door. The hinge is adjusted. Loosen the screw of the hinge on the truck door fixed to the cab side (the screw hole of the truck door hinge fixed to the cab side is generally a long hole, such as a round hole can be processed into a long hole, the processing direction is the hinge axis 1 side). Adjust the size of the gap between the truck doors, after adjustment can generally eliminate the fault. This method is suitable for repairing the hinges of various truck and truck door hinges.

In addition, remind drivers and friends that in the daily use of trucks, ensure that the truck door hinges have sufficient lubrication to reduce the wear of the hinges: when moving the truck, be sure to close the truck door to avoid accidental damage to the truck door: Do not use excessive force when opening or closing the truck door to avoid over-opening the truck door.

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