Does the truck door hinge need to be replaced?

2020 - 06 - 24

Does the door hinge need to be replaced? Truck door hinges will wear out due to repeated use. After all, the door must be opened and closed every time you enter or leave the truck. It is for this reason that the driver’s door is most likely to experience loose door hinges. Sometimes, the pin wears and loosens the hinge. At this time, the truck door will begin to sag, resulting in the truck door cannot be closed properly, or maybe opened during driving.

If your door begins to sag when opening, it is best to check the hinge of the door. You may only need to replace the pin, but you should check where the hinge is installed. If there is significant wear around all screws, the hinge itself has loosened.

Replacing a truck door hinge should be easy, but may require some help. To prevent the truck door from falling and being damaged further, you need to support the door. You can use jacks or some supports. If two hinges are to be replaced at the same time, the upper hinge should be replaced before the lower hinge.

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