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2020 - 04 - 08

Hardware products are auxiliary and accessory products used in daily life and industrial production. Early use of gold, silver, copper, iron, tin and other metal materials, so called hardware products. In addition to various metal materials, plastics, fiberglass and other non-metal materials are also widely used.

Hardware products have played an important role in human survival and development. With the development of social economy and the refinement of social division of labor, hardware products are gradually enriched and improved, and more and more varieties. Modern hardware products can be divided into three categories according to their uses: daily-use hardware used in daily life, as auxiliary tools, as construction hardware for connecting parts, fasteners and supporting facilities in buildings.

Metal products of metal materials are generally made by forging blanks, machining, surface treatment and other processes. The purpose of surface treatment is to prevent corrosion and aesthetics. Non-metallic hardware products are mostly made by mold or pressure forming, which has the characteristics of lightness and convenience.

Yingjia Metal has more than 20 years of development experience and provides various hardware products for all manufacturing industries. As a global excellent hardware products supplier, Yingjia provides complete design, development and production services, and has successfully passed the ISO / TS 16949: 2009 quality control system certification.

Huangyan Xinqian Yingjia Metal Product Factory, located in Huangyan Taizhou Zhejiang where has the reputation of the China Mould Town, Plastic Town, Orange Town and the production base of china pedal motorcycles. We have more than 20 years experiences engaging the developing, providing CUSTOM for all kinds of hardware and plastic products for all manufacturing industries. Process technologies include

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