How to repair the door hinge?

Published on :2020-05-13
In daily use of the truck, the hinge of the truck door often breaks. There are many reasons for this failure, among which the more common ones are: improper opening of the truck door and severe wear of the hinge shaft or hole of the truck door.

What is door hinge?

Published on :2020-05-06
The strength and safety performance of the door hinges is not only related to the material and thickness, but also closely related to the manufacturing process, layout and bearing area.

The advantages and disadvantages of locks of different materials

Published on :2020-04-29
The material of the lock generally includes zinc alloy, stainless steel, pure copper, aluminum, etc. Locks of different materials have different advantages and disadvantages.

Lock material and surface treatment

Published on :2020-04-22
When people buy locks, they generally worry that the locks are not durable or will not rust or oxidize on the surface for long. This problem is related to the materials used and surface treatment.

How to maintain the door lock?

Published on :2020-04-15
The door lock is not very expensive, but if the anti-theft performance is lost in the process of using the door lock, the loss is immeasurable, so it is recommended that most users still need to maintain the door lock.

How to choose a high-quality hinges?

Published on :2020-04-08
A hinge is a mechanical device used to connect two solids and allow relative rotation. The hinge can be made of movable components or of foldable materials. How to choose a high-quality hinges?

Global excellent hardware products supplier

Published on :2020-04-08
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Huangyan Xinqian Yingjia Metal Product Factory

Published on :2020-04-08
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