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T handle toolbox lock

T handle toolbox lock

As one of the most professional T handle toolbox lock suppliers in China, our factory provides high quality T handle toolbox lock made in China with competitive price. Robust T handle toolbox lock, with stainless steel housing, can be used for truck/trailer toolbox lock replacement, with high security.

T handle toolbox lock is a stainless steel national standard 304 material panel with mirror polished surface, equipped with zinc alloy dust cover, T-shaped handle is round, and the middle handle is equipped with a waterproof device.

The back of t handle toolbox lock has a variety of structures, including straight tongues, curved tongues, and aluminum alloy brackets. There are discs for connecting rod locks.

The lock tongue of t handle toolbox lock can be adjusted, which is mostly suitable for toolbox cabinets, electrical cabinets, trailer boxes, etc.


T handle lock T handle latch

T handle lock T handle latch

T handle lock is a rod-shaped handle type door lock that can easily adjust the direction of the handle. The handle is T-shaped. It consists of a lock body, a lock cylinder, a lock tongue, a shaft at both ends, and a handle, and it extends from the lock body. The cross-section of the shaft is polygonal, and the inner hole of the rod-shaped handle matched with the shaft is a polygonal hole corresponding to the cross-section of the shaft.

T handle lock is suitable for both left and right opening doors. The hinge of the door lock is matched with the polygonal shaft hole of the handle. It was originally a lock with the left opening state. Pull out the handle from the shaft and turn it over 180 degrees. The shaft becomes the lock for the right door. Because the handle direction is easy to adjust, the lock is suitable for being installed on the left-opening door and the right-opening door.


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