Toolbox Lock

Toolbox Lock

As one of the most professional handle locks suppliers in China, our factory provides high quality Toolbox Locks made in China with competitive price. Good-quality toolbox locks have various models and are mostly made of stainless steel. Most of them use a wire drawing process on the surface and are equipped with a sealing rubber gasket. The lock body and key have a long service life, which provides a safety solution for professional toolboxes. The brushed texture on its surface has a uniform appearance and a strong texture. It is also equipped with a variety of detailed designs.

When choosing a toolbox lock, you need to look at its strength first. The strength will directly determine the life. The higher the strength of the toolbox lock, the product has strong compressive capacity and long life. Yingjia recommends that you choose the one-time stamping and forming stainless steel toolbox lock with ultra-thick panel design. Products with one-time stamping and forming are often more secure.



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Yingjia is good at manufacturing all kinds of metal products. According to customer needs, we will provide the most suitable Toolbox Lock. In addition, it also provides handle locks design services, handle locks mass production, post-assembly or processing services. Yingjia is a reliable, well-developed and professional Toolbox Lock manufacturer. High-quality products and competitive prices are our firm guarantee to customers. We have advanced machinery and equipment to produce any metal products for our customers.

Established in 1995, Huangyan Xinqian Yingjia Metal Product Factory, Direct Manufactory of Toolbox Lock for 20 years. In the year 2000 we established the business division that specially focus on the designing, developing and producing the commercial vehicle body parts. With the 20 years rich experiences, we now can provide to customers the best suitable solution of metal product. Here you will find various parts and accessories for commercial vehicles, curtain side, vans, trailers and semi-trailers, refrigerators, transport containers, trucks and recreational vehicles, etc.

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