stainless steel hinges

stainless steel hinges

Yingjia provides various stainless steel door hinges, heavy industrial hinges and heavy stainless steel hinges. We provide corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel hinges. They can be used in a variety of applications, including garage doors, cabinets and glass doors.

Yingjia has a variety of cabinet door hinges, including embedded, lift, piano, etc. We complete your project with a professional appearance.

Our stainless steel door hinges are brushed or polished, with sizes ranging from 3" x 3" to 5" x 4-1 / 2". We provide hinges with square and rounded corners, as well as hinges with non-detachable pins to improve safety. In addition to butt hinges, we also provide stainless steel invisible hinges.

Stainless steel hinge has three main advantages:

  • 1. Strong anti-rust ability, very suitable for use in a humid environment;
  • 2. The stainless steel hinge has exquisite workmanship and small appearance;
  • 3. It has a good fixing effect and is durable. The hinge material thickness of 1.2MM avoids the easy drop and deformation of general hinges.



stainless steel hinges information

Trailer Parts
Size, Weight:
standard, OEM, ODM
Place of Origin:
Huangyan, Taizhou, China
Brand Name:
steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy, etc.
Surface Treatment:
zinc plated, polished, chrome plated, etc.
Carton with standard package or as your request

Yingjia is good at manufacturing all kinds of metal products. According to customer needs, we will provide the most suitable stainless steel hinges. In addition, it also provides truck side door hinge design services, truck side door hinge mass production, post-assembly or processing services. Yingjia is a reliable, well-developed and professional stainless steel hinges manufacturer. High-quality products and competitive prices are our firm guarantee to customers. We have advanced machinery and equipment to produce any metal products for our customers.

Established in 1995, Huangyan Xinqian Yingjia Metal Product Factory, Direct Manufactory of stainless steel hinges for 20 years. In the year 2000 we established the business division that specially focus on the designing, developing and producing the commercial vehicle body parts. With the 20 years rich experiences, we now can provide to customers the best suitable solution of metal product. Here you will find various parts and accessories for commercial vehicles, curtain side, vans, trailers and semi-trailers, refrigerators, transport containers, trucks and recreational vehicles, etc.

Question 1: What is the minimum order quantity?

A1: Generally speaking, the MOQ is 100 PCS.

Question 2: How long is the delivery time?

A2: 15 to 30 days, depending on the detailed quantity and special packaging requirements.

Question 3: What are the payment terms?

A3: T/T, Western Union, L/C..

Question 4: Can you send samples?

A4: Yes, we can provide customers with several sets of free samples, but we hope that you can bear the cost of express delivery.

Question 5: Can customized products be made?

A5: Yes, customized products can be provided. We develop new products every year.

Question 6: How to place an order?

A6: You can send the order via the message below. But please include the following: company name, company address, your phone number, fax number, email address, as well as model number, quantity, completion requirements and any other requirements you need.

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