truck side door hinge

As a China famous truck side door hinge manufacturer, Yingjia Metal Product Factory provide various truck side door hinge, trailer side door hinge, design, manufacturing and sales services. The truck side door hinge is used to connect the door and the body and realize the opening and closing of the door. Our truck side door hinge includes stainless steel truck side door hinge, truck toolbox hinge, trailer side door hinge... Yingjia constantly optimizes the door hinges of trucks from the aspects of performance, structure, materials, craftsmanship and so on.

What is a truck side door hinge?

The truck side door hinges can open and close the doors of the truck and secure them to the vehicle. They are located where the door is connected to the frame. Each door has two hinges-the previous and the next. There is a pin inside the hinge that allows the hinge to rotate.

The trailer side door hinge is the hinge that connects the side door and the car body, and it is also the most complicated type of car hinge. Because the side doors are generally installed up and down on the trailer, the side door hinges are not only responsible for the rotation of the side door, but also support the weight of the trailer side door. This requires the trailer side door hinge to have sufficient axial strength.

At the same time, the door opening times are quite frequent, so the reliability requirements of the trailer side door hinge are also higher. Since the door hinge is located between the side door and the car body, the space is small, so the side door hinge is generally compact, and the overall shape is a cube.

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